How To Get Rid Of Spiders

To many, a spider seems like the end of the world. It’s multiple legs, fast crawling stance, and color just seems too much. However, many forget how useful spiders are to us. They are excellent in getting rid of other bugs, as they heavily prey on tinier bugs, which acts as a cleaner for our environment. In Charlotte’s Web, the popular book, Charlotte, the spider, is the sweetest character and we need to keep that in mind in real life. However, when having too many spiders in our living space, it can be quite a problem. On a lighter note, there are many ways to prevent spiders from entering the house.

Turn Off Lights

sadsadasdA simple measure that is super easy is to switch off lights immediately outside the house. This is quite a smart option because as many knows, lights attract pests. The pests attracted are not spiders. However, they are pests that spiders like to eat. Therefore, they will follow the pests. Also, by avoiding the exposure of light from indoors through darker shaded curtains covering windows or other shades, spider’s entrance can be prevented. Switching off the light source itself can avoid the appearance of spiders.

Block The Entry Point

Perhaps the best way to avoid spiders from entering your house is to make sure all open areas in the house that are directly tunneled from the outside to inside of the house are patched up. This way the spiders will not even be able to enter the house. For starters, insect screens can be purchased to be placed on the chimney as well as other areas. That way, circulation continues through the holes, but spiders will not be able to enter. In addition, a regular analysis of window screens is recommended. As this is a common way for spiders to enter. Moreover, caulk is cement like substance that can be used to fill any other hole. It works for really anything including, doors, cables, and even faucets.

Extreme Measures Including The Use Of Insecticides

ASDSADSWhen there are too many spiders in your house to the point where it brings you anxiety, killing the spiders is the only option, then one must do so. In fact, there are a plethora of methods to kill spiders. However, remember spiders are more helpful than they are harmful. However, in these extreme cases, spraying insecticide will help kill the spiders. Insecticides containing pyrethroids are typically used to exterminate spiders. However, these chemicals will only poison the spiders when they walk over the insecticide, so it is usually hard for a large-scale issue.

If there is too much of an issue, calling an exterminator is a better solution. However, chemicals sprayed by the professionals can be so strong that they can affect your health, so you will most likely need to vacate your house for at least 2- 3 days for your own safety.…

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