Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition where the hair falls off. It may seem like a big problem, but with the right diet and hair care routine, it can be prevented. Below are some of the tips that can keep the problem at bay.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been recommended as a foundation for many hair care routines. It is advisable to massage your scalp and hair using coconut oil as it will promote the development of your hair from the roots to the hair tips. Coconut has moisture that protects the hair shaft from impurities that may cause any harm to the hair. In addition to preventing hair loss, coconut oil will give the hair a shiny look, and that will make it look healthy and attractive.

Increase Intake Of Vitamins

Hair loss is often an indication of lack of vitamins in the body. It is therefore advisable to consume Amla which is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They are useful in making the hair healthy, and they will resolve other hair issues. You can also apply Amla paste to the scalp. All that is required of you is for you to add fresh lemon to Amla powder and let it blend well then apply it on the scalp. After that, rinse with lukewarm water after about an hour.

Be On A Healthy Diet

The growth of your hair is sometimes determined by the diet you consume. Proteins particularly stimulate the growth of hair. You should, therefore, incorporate items like meat, fish and dairy products into your daily diet for you to achieve the full results. You should also take foods that are rich in iron because the deficiency causes the roots of the hair to become weak hence falling off excessively. Therefore, intake of kidney, beans, eggs, and fish will help because they are rich in iron.

Hair Care

Some hair routines like coloring, perming and exposing it to heat by blow drying and straightening may subject your hair to falling off. You should, therefore, avoid such practices because they could damage your hair completely. Once that happens, you will have to cut your hair and start growing it for it to go back to its natural, healthy state.

Protect Your Hair

Hair is sensitive, so you need to take measures to keep it safe throughout. Avoid exposing it to dust, humidity, and pollution. When you are outdoors, you can tie your hair up and cover it with a scarf to keep it clean.