Key Facts to Know About Kappa Carrageenan

Carrageenan comes from a family of linear polysaccharides that are extracted from seaweeds. It has many uses together with health benefits. You can take your time to research and know some of the benefits you are likely to get from each type of carrageenan. There are three main types of carrageenan you are required to know before you even decide to use them. Lambda, Iota, and Kappa are the three primary forms of carrageenan you need to study and know their various uses.

In this article, we are going to discuss on Kappa carrageenan and know its benefits. During your research, you will find out that Kappa has a pure gelling property that is used in food production industry. Due to this element, it can, therefore, be used for cooling and boiling in industrial productions. Also, Kappa carrageenan has an excellent stabilizing agent that can control the structure of water molecules.

Properties of Kappa carrageenan


oiu7ytrfdxcvbhjKappa has got an excellent solubility property that makes it suitable for most food products. Kappa is soluble in both cold and warm water. It is essential to understand that when you mix it with calcium salts, it is likely to lose its solubility property. Kappa can be soluble in hot milk for a while as the presence of calcium ion prevents its property.

Gelling agent

If you try to mix potassium salts with Kappa, then it is likely to form a brittle gel. You are only required to mix with little amount of potassium salts since the presence of more potassium will make the gel weaker. If you need to gel, you must make sure that the liquid contains both potassium and calcium. Also, you can combine kappa carrageenan with locust bean gum mainly to make the gels less elastic and even to strengthen them.

The amount of Kappa carrageenan to use

oiuytrdfxcvbThe quantity of Kappa carrageenan to use will depend on the firmness of the gel you are planning to create and even the liquid you are gelling. For instance, the dairy gels can use 1 to 3 percent ratio. However, when you are adding locust bean gum, then you will have to add two-thirds of the exact weight of the Kappa carrageenan.


Kappa carrageenan is one of the best forms of carrageenan that has the best properties that are being used in the day to day life. Therefore, ensure that you know the best place to purchase this type of carrageenan once you have made up your mind.