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Our Story
It all began when a San Francisco Chef, who had roots in the south decided to bring real BBQ to the city. Spencer O’Meara knows his way around a smoker and when he started cookin’ his meats low and slow he needed seasonings and sauces. He created 3 regional BBQ sauces and a BBQ rub that packed a punch to make his BBQ truly original. Customers at his restaurant loved his BBQ so much he decided he wanted to have a piece of it available to everyone. So along with his other half, Sarah Burchard, also a San Francisco Chef they created S&S brand. The couple currently boasts 4 BBQ sauces and 6 different spice rubs. They have grown the product line to include seasonings not only for BBQ but for all cuisines and are experimenting with new flavors every chance they get. S&S brand sauces and spice rubs provide depth of flavor to your meals BBQ or not.