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Top Tournament Tips for Ping Pong Beginners

Do you fear whenever you are going to participate in a ping pong tournament? It is unfortunate that many ping pong players worry a lot about performing at their best or winning, particularly after extensive practice for the upcoming tournament. There are also instances when players are nervous because they want to prove themselves to their spectators and teammates. You can learn extensive playing tips and product recommendations online. Fortunately, the following simple tips can work wonders for both beginner and experienced player.

Adopt a Firm Grip

ping pong table, ball, paddleNearly all shots in ping pong need a relaxed wrist for maximum accuracy and acceleration. You do not want your hand to relax a lot as this may make your racket slipping out of hand. Besides, you require a certain degree of firmness. The paddle ought to work as an extension of the hand and feel comfortable. Remember that there are no perfect rubbers and perfect blade. You need a combination that fits you well.

Move Your Feet

You need fast footwork to take your game to the next level. However, this is only possible if you have the physique that can allow it. During the game, a lot of beginner players forget and float in the court. Rather, they just stand to watch the ball after hitting it and waiting to see the result of their strategy. As a player, you should learn and watch from the professionals. You need to get into the right position so that you can hit the ball.


When you are playing, you should not worry about the result or whether your strategies and techniques are correct. You should instead focus. Ideally, you should enjoy playing the game and reconsider your false techniques or tactics after the game.

Think and Relax

playing ping pongYou should take up deep breaths to relax from the past point and focus on upcoming ones. After serving, you need to push yourself up and hit the ball had when you discover your opponent is having a psychological breakdown. Moreover, you need to take your time and think about your tactics.

Utilize Your Timeout

If your opponent has a winning streak, you should ask for a timeout. This also applies when you feel choked and nervous. Ask for timeout if you need awakening or giving a lot of points easily. Also, when you are not sure what to do next, you should ask for a break. Also, you need to listen carefully and implement the instructions of your coach.