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What You Need to Know About Carrageenan

For the past years, researchers have been carrying a study on the carrageenan to find out if it is good for human beings because it does not contain any nutritional value. Nutritional boards are already addressing the biological effects of the carrageenan and the reconsideration of its use in the organic food processing. Publications and reviews by professional nutritionists claim according to their findings that the carrageenan has inflammatory effects on the consumers, this has brought confusion in research discussions because inflammation is a lead to some dangerous diseases to the body. Despite the findings and reviews about the carrageenan, some of the Drugs and Food Administrations are still recommending the application of this additive in many food productions.

What Exactly is Carrageenan?

carrageenanMany poeple don’t understand what’s carrageenan. This is a common food additive that is widely used in the food industry because it has the gelling, stabilizing and thickening properties. This food additive is commonly used in dairy and meat products because it has the strong binding to the food proteins.

The carrageenan is extracted from the red edible seaweed; however, it does not contain any nutritional value to the body. Food manufacturers only use the carrageenan to improve the texture of the processed foods. However, researches claim that when the carrageenan is being processed with meals, it is being degraded and this can inevitably cause harm to the body.

The Problem with Carrageenan

The carrageenan can be considered as a pure product that is extracted from an edible plant, but it is something with potential problems to our body. It is important to note that the carrageenan has no nutritional value to the body and it is not digestible. It is a destructive productive to the digestion system and triggers abnormal functioning of the immune system. The carrageenan being an inflammatory agent, it predictably puts the body in the risk of acquiring various dangerous diseases. The user can be exposed to ulcerations and bleeding. Researchers explain that the carrageenan is linked with infections like diabetes, intestinal lesions, and colon cancer.

Are There Possible Health Benefits?

red seaweedEven though research about the benefits of carrageenan is pending, it is believed that in the past people used to boil the seaweed and the extract and use it to sooth the digestion system. It was used as a laxative and remedy for treating ulcers. On the other hand, some lab procedures tend to prove that the carrageenan can be used as an anticoagulant, has cholesterol-lowering effects and serve as an oxidant. However, more evidence is required to reveal the effectiveness of the carrageenan in the body; therefore, you cannot take an unknown amount because you will not be sure about what might happen to your body.

In conclusion, you need to understand that there is evidence that carrageenan is harmful to the body tissues especially when you take it regularly. When you are buying the dairy products or any other processed foods, ensure that there is no carrageenan as an ingredient. Your body might react negatively and cause symptoms related to digestion complications among other health problems.